Independent financial advisors have the potential to deliver significant value to investors. This framework can be a helpful guide when determining how an advisor’s services and expertise may benefit your financial situation.

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Retirement Planning The guidance, tools, and services necessary to prepare for retirement Learn More AssetLock® is a communication tool used to help users stay informed on their retirement accounts. Learn More Financial Security Income strategies to maintain your lifestyle in retirement Learn More Long-Term Care A long life greatly increases the likelihood you’ll require long-term health care Learn More

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Jessica Waterhouse is an independent financial advisor focused on financial planning using income analysis, asset protection strategies and investment management. She works with clients of all ages on creating retirement income for the future including Social Security claiming strategies. She has developed her business by building and maintaining close, trusted relationships with her clients.

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    Do You Have a Coordinated Retirement Blueprint?

    An intentional income plan can help ensure your assets sufficiently meet your income and expenses today and over your lifetime.  Contact us for a complimentary, no-strings-attached Income Plan.

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