Income Strategies

Things used to be simple.

When you retired, simply sign up for social security, collect your pension, and enjoy the ride. Fast forward to today – an intentional income plan is crucial as social security is likely insufficient and pensions have gone away. Further, people are living longer and are more active, placing more demands on your finances. Maximizing the impact of taxes, legacy planning, health and long-term care insurance, investment landscape, and retirement planning strategies can result in powerful benefits for your overall financial picture.

You will receive a personalized retirement income planning projection striving to strengthen your financial foundation.


  • Document all income sources including, social security, earned income, annuities, and investment assets
  • Clarify retirement dates, inflation assumptions, life expectancy, as well as expense wants and need


  • year-by-year projection of all income sources relative to projected expense needs
  • A summary of your reliance on various income sources


  • Calculates the hypothetical success rate of not outliving your assets
  • Year-by-year hypothetical projection of your asset growth as well as a probable range of asset values over the life of your plan

You can now look forward to a retirement that could last 30 years or more. That’s a great thing. But planning for it comes with more challenges than ever before. One of the most common fears for retirees and those planning for retirement is outliving their money. So while you’re thinking about hobbies and travel, you’re also focused on healthcare costs. Volatile markets. Taxes and inflation.

We can help, with products that seek income and growth, fixed indexed annuities designed to provide guaranteed lifetime income1, and life insurance solutions that offer more kinds of risk protection along with the opportunity to build cash value.

We specialize in income strategies for guaranteed income to help you maintain your lifestyle now and in retirement. Contact us to learn more about the tools that can generate a steady stream of retirement income, increase your current savings, or leave a legacy and provide income for your heirs. Be sure to schedule a full discussion with our company about your retirement needs before making any investment decisions.

1Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing company.